Alexander Morozov, Alexander Artyomov

Alexander Morozov

Solo shows

2014 - ‘What do you see?’, Art re.Flex Gallery, St Petersburg, Russia

2014 - ‘Garden’, Book Graphics Library, St Petersburg, Russia

2012 - ‘Factum’, Luda Express gallery in ‘New Holland’ open air art space, St Petersburg, Russia

2012 - ‘The Human Factor’, with Alexander Artemov, Algallery, St Petersburg, Russia

2012 - ‘Cinderella Effect’, Navicula Artis gallery, St Petersburg, Russia

2010 - ‘Radiation’, Navicula Artis gallery, St Petersburg, Russia

2009 - ‘The Classical Garden of German Romanticism’, Botanical Museum, St Petersburg, Russia


Selected group shows

2014 - ‘Cementa’, Borey Gallery, St Petersburg, Russia

2014 - ‘The Other Capital’, Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia

2014 - ‘Black envy’ in a Parallel Events of the Manifesta 10, Borey Gallery, St Petersburg, Russia

2014 - ‘Kommunal Ghetto’ as a part of ‘Apartment Art as Domestic Resistance’ exhibition Public programs Manifesta 10, St Petersburg, Russia

2014 - ‘Signal’, ‘KB Signal’, St Petersburg, Russia

2014 - ‘Perceiving Art’, St Petersburg State Library for the Blind, St Petersburg, Russia

2014 - ‘Perceiving Art. Exhibition of Contemporary Art for Visually Impaired Children’, The Arsenal building. Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

2014 - ‘Zoo-Zoo’, The State Darwin Museum, Moscow, Russia

2014 - ‘Saving Venice’, Gisich Gallery, St Petersburg, Russia

2014 - ‘Drunk Exhibition to the Centenary of Russian ?vant-garde’, Borey Gallery, St Petersburg, Russia

2013 - The 11th Baltic States Biennale of Graphic Art ‘Kaliningrad–Konigsberg 2013’. The Kaliningrad State Art Gallery. Kaliningrad, Russia

2013 - Art Prospect Festival, St Petersburg, Russia

2013 - V Biennale ‘New ideas for the city.’ The Garden City. Green urbanism, The Museum of Urban Sculpture. St Petersburg, Russia

2013 - Season of St Petersburg Art. Navicula Artis. ‘Found in St Petersburg’. Kultproekt gallery, Moscow, Russia

2012 - Baltic Biennale 2012, Rizzordi Art Foundation, St Petersburg, Russia

2012 - ‘BljuDo i posle’, St Peter and Paul Foretress, Exhibition Hall of Ioannovsky (St John’s) Ravelin, St Petersburg, Russia

2012 - Nel Modo Russico, Ten 43 gallery, NY, USA

2012 - ‘Conversion’, art-quarter ‘Quarter’, St Petersburg, Russia

2012 - ‘The Big Format’, Algallery, St Petersburg, Russia

2012 - ‘10-?’, 3H+K gallery, Pori, Finland

2011 - ‘Total Contemporary’ (video installation ‘Gemüth’), loft Rizzordi Art Foundation, St Petersburg, Russia

2011 - ‘Appointed Art’, Modernariat gallery, St Petersburg, Russia

2010 - ‘Death Penalty. Pro and contra’ (installation ‘Submortem Experience Registration’), with Eugenia Ryzhkova, The Museum of Political History, St Petersburg, Russia

2007 - ‘Good/Bad’, Dostoevsky Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

2002 - Festival ‘Digital Art Days’, Kirov, Russia

2001 - ‘Microfest 01 Pro’, Pro Arte Institute, St Petersburg, Russia

2001 - ‘The Octopus’ project, with Stanislav Makarov, Art Gavan' gallery, St Petersburg, Russia

1999 - ‘Divietodisosta’. Artezero gallery, Milan, Italy

1999 - ‘Faces of the Holy’, New Academy of Fine Arts gallery, St Petersburg, Russia


Alexander Artyomov

2012 - 'Human factor', Al Gallery, Saint-Petersburg

2010 - 'Masters of Photography - Hasselblad', MILK Studio, New York

2009 - 'Masters of Photography - Hasselblad', DASK Gallery, Copenhagen

2009 - 'Masters of Photography - Hasselblad', Cornwall House, Hong-Kong

2009 - 'Masters of Photography - Hasselblad', ArtisTree, Hong-Kong

2003 - 'Fictitious character', Nabokov Museum, Saint-Petersburg

1992 - 'Scientists of the world for the North Pole', Museum of Arctic and Antarctic, Saint-Petersburg

1987 - 'Drifting station SP 28', Museum of Arctic and Antarctic, Saint-Petersburg

Moscow breed rooster - 2012
Moscow breed rooster



The RNA Foundation is a cultural platform that aims at promoting established as well as up and coming Russian artists and creative individuals. Founded by Victoria Golembiovskaya, the RNA utilizes its wide reaching connections to provide support and exposure to artists, facilitating their relations with curators, dealers and critics. With experience in art management and curating Golembiovskaya established RNA in order to contribute to the Russian art education system, diversifying its narrow scope and implementing a wider, international engagement.


By providing space and means for artists to develop their practice, our goal is to establish a constantly expanding and developing network, where the Russian contemporary art scene can be introduced to a wider art market, galleries and institutions across the globe. To do so, an exploration of new ideas is needed, as well as an active expanding of boundaries of the media available. This progressive outlook allows us to bring out the collaborative potential of not only museums and galleries we work with, but also of other foundations, auction houses and art institutions.


One aspect of our future projects is to establish a series of workshop spaces that will provide an interdisciplinary environment for Russian artists from all backgrounds and with varying degree of experience. Serving as a meeting point and an exchange ground for cultural capital, these work and gallery spaces would also function as lecture theatres for educational purposes and public events. We also plan to create residencies between Russian and international artists, where we hope to instigate a much needed cross-fertilization and collaboration.


However in order to realize such varied projects, we often need financial support whether from an individual, patron, trust or company. Philanthropy and charity are important factors in realizing any cultural project and we would be happy to work with you, directing the need of social engagement and cultural support through RNA’s activities.


Active since 2008, RNA Foundation is an exciting, passionate organization that has exhibited and curated around the world, devoting our focus on international artistic progression.

Art Advisory


Before launching the RNA Foundation in 2008, Victoria Golembiovskaya worked as a film producer and artistic director, gaining a vast experience in art management and further expanding her knowledge of history of art, which has graned the RNA foundation an original place and point of view within the international art community.

Our service is second to none; we provide consultations for the establishment and maintenance of private collections, as well as for large-scale curatorial projects. We have the contacts and resources to get a hold of rare works from all over the world for both private and public clients. In the last three years alone the RNA Foundation has produced shows in London, Moscow and Venice, handling valuable works in unprecedented environments, with a priority in presenting them in unique yet elegant manner. While maintaining a high standard and a rigorous vision we tailor our services to the client.

As a consultant, we go further than most agencies, providing legal advice for sales, organizing transportation of art works, and of course taking care of the acquisition process, operating on a strictly confidential basis.



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